Cedar Repair/Replacement

The Ideal Choice

Using cedar for exterior applications, such as siding and fencing, is the ideal choice due to its outstanding resistance to weather. But over time, even cedar siding can be damaged from exposure to moisture and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Furthermore, insects and birds can bore holes that let moisture in and can cause boards to warp and crack. This results in badly damaged siding boards that need to be removed and replaced with new, intact material.

Cedar Repair/Replacement

Wagoner’s Epoxy Floor Systems & Polished Concrete offers a variety of services to cater to all your cedar replacement and repair needs. Our commitment to excellence means meeting our customers' needs and budget. If you are in need of a complete makeover or want to freshen an existing look, contact Wagoner’s Epoxy Floor Systems & Polished Concrete or request a free quote.

What sets us apart

  • We never collect payment until job completion and our customer is 100% satisfied

  • Our knowledgeable crew will perform daily clean-up of job site

  • Color consultation with each customer

  • Full Warranty

Below are several examples of our Cedar Repair/Replacement